Below you will find a selection of “best-sellers” in the personal safety product space. These products are all designed to provide you with an active deterrent “once” your situational awareness skills kick in or when you feel threatened. I often state we shouldn’t always rely on guns, guards, cameras, and fences, but there is no harm in having a personal safety device for added protection and comfort.

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase these products and you must abide by your local, State, and Federal guidelines for personal protection products. By buying here you are agreeing to abide by these laws.

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Lessons Include:

Heads Up - Situational Awareness

What situational awareness is and why it matters.

Filled with examples and exercises.

Build situational awareness.

People Watching - Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis - People watching

Reading body language.

Trusting your gut.

Understanding emotional energy.

Monitoring behavior.

Putting your new skills into practice.

Hiccups vs. Danger - Threat Identification

Threat identification and assessment.

Hazard identification and risk assessment.

Separating hiccups from real threats.

A comprehensive approach to assessing danger.

Online Safety Incl. Cyber and Photo-Bullying

Understanding cyberbullying and photo-bullying.

Recognizing and avoiding sexual predators.

Suicide prevention.

Online Dating Safety - The Do's and Don'ts

Pre-date Tips.

Tips when you meet up.

Recognizing and avoiding financial predators.

Avoiding scams and phishing.

Stay Informed Stay S.A.F.E.

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