Online Safety Incl. Cyber & Photo-Bullying

Certified Personal Safety Training

Online Safety Incl. Cyber & Photo-Bullying

        • Understanding cyber-bullying.

      • Understanding photo-bullying.

      • Recognizing and avoiding sexual predators.

    • Suicide prevention.

Keep yourself and your loved ones SAFE by learning S.A.F.E. Methods in Online Activity.

Between keeping up with friends and family on Facebook, finding answers to questions on Google, and unwinding after work by bingeing a show on Netflix, much of our time is spent online. But not everything in the digital world is safe, and some things can be downright dangerous.


Methods and Practices in Online Safety are Instrumental and Meaningful to Your Safety in the Real World.

How do you protect yourself from online threats?

That’s where the Online Safety portion of our S.A.F.E. (Situational Awareness For Everyone) course comes in. The lessons provided in the Online Safety module will teach you and your children to navigate the dangers of the internet.

Some of the topics discussed in Online Safety are: 

  • Understanding Cyberbullying and Photo-Bullying
  • Recognizing and Avoiding Sexual Predators
  • The Warning Signs of Suicide and Suicide Prevention
Many of us use the digital landscape to escape from the frustrations and instabilities of the real world, but if one is not careful, they can find themselves in a heap of trouble. Arming yourself with the knowledge provided in our Online Safety course will lessen that possibility, and allow you to surf the web in relative ease.

Courses Included are:

  • Heads Up – Situational Awareness
  • People Watching – Behavior Analysis
  • Hiccups vs. Danger – Threat Identification
  • Online Safety Incl. Cyber and Photo-Bullying
  • Online Dating Safety – The Do’s and Don’ts

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